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The Sententia Group was founded on the belief that a professional relationship with a well informed technology partner is critical for business success today, regardless of the size of the company. With a focus on technology services that drive business solutions, The Sententia Group strives to develop long-term trusted relationships with our clients. Most companies would not even consider navigating the complex tax code without a knowledgeable accountant and yet they treat their technology support needs on an as needed basis. This way of addressing technology support needs puts both the company, as well as the support provider, at a disadvantage. The support provider knows little to nothing about the way the company is using technology and therefore cannot provide the optimal level of support, and the company does not receive the benefit of an established relationship with a technology provider that knows and understands their specific business and technical environment. Because of this disconnect, many companies end up spending additional money for a support technician to become familiar with their environment every time they place a support call.

Why is Sententia Group Different?
One of our core beliefs at The Sententia Group is that an effective partnership with our clients is the only way to truly provide technology-based business solutions. Our goal is to provide solutions that will positively impact the productivity and efficiency of a company as well as the company's bottom line. In our march towards this goal, establishing a trusted relationship with our clients is of critical importance to all that we do at The Sententia Group.
With over fifty years of combined experience in the technology industry, the founders of The Sententia Group have created a company with a unique service delivery model. By building partnerships with our clients and becoming intimately familiar with both their businesses and their technology needs, The Sententia Group can develop and deliver technology solutions that provide lasting business value to our clients. We have developed service offerings that are tailored for the small business with no in-house technology staff to medium sized companies with a complete in-house technology staff.

We are highly focused on providing outstanding customer service in all that we do and extremely interested in any and all comments in regards to the services that we provide. After seeing what we have to offer, we hope you will allow us to become your technology partner and begin realizing the benefits of a professional relationship with a trusted, technology partner.
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