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Document Management

From hardware and software acquisition through full implementation services, Sententia Group's Document Management team provides our customers with the necessary depth of knowledge and experience in document management system design and implementation. The members of The Sententia Group's document management team have been providing software, systems, consulting and backfile conversion services to our customers for over 15 years. Able to provide solutions for a variety of systems and platforms, we are uniquely qualified to bring a document imaging solution to your company that will provide an excellent return-on-investment in a very short period of time.  Our experienced, document management team has experience in a variety of systems and software, including Windows, Linux and IBM OS/400 based solutions. For the IBM OS/400 customer, we have experience and expertise in RealVision Imaging from RealVision Software. For the Microsoft Windows platform we have expertise we support the award winning LaserFiche Document Management system from Compulink Management Center as well as Lotus Domino Document Manager for our clients that want a solution based on Lotus Domino.

Both Laserfiche Document Management and Lotus Domino Document Manager include the most sought after document management system features, including COLD, color and black and white imaging, electronic documents (such as Word or Excel or WAV files) and, of course, Internet access. The LaserFiche Weblink module is quickly becoming a standard for viewing publicly accessible government data.

Backfile Conversion Services

Whether you purchase a document management solution from us or from another vendor, you will still want to talk with us about our backfile conversion services. If you have a large number of documents that need scanning, we can scan and index these documents for you and provide you with CDs and import procedures for your existing imaging system.  If your documents can't leave your facility, we can setup an imaging lab in your facility and perform all work onsite.  Of course we can also provide our services from our local office here in Baton Rouge.

Microfilm Replacement - Image to CD

Do you need to preserve your documents but want to have them more accessible than they are with microfilm? If so, then have your documents archived to CD instead of microfilm. The document management team at The Sententia Group can provide you with scanning and archiving services. We scan your images, index them and then archive them to CD for later retrieval. Each archival CD comes with the required viewer software so you can retrieve and view the archived images at any time. If you need microfilm copies to meet state or federal guidelines we can provide film-from-image conversion services too.

Document Management Consulting Services

Is your firm considering imaging but needs help?  The Sententia Group Document Management team has what you need. We can help you decide what to do, how to do it, how much to scan, how much to destroy, how much to microfilm. We'll even help you choose what applications to use whether or not we sell what you need. With partnerships and broad industry relationships, the Document Management team at The Sententia Group knows who is doing what and who's good at it. Our charges for Document Management Consulting are reasonable and if we do additional work for you, some of our consulting charges may be rebated back to you.

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