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As a company, we believe in leveraging existing custom product and service offerings so that our entire customer set can take advantage of our experience in developing these solutions. This gives us the ability to quickly customize a particular offering to a specific customers needs at a much reduced cost. Many of our offerings have been turned into product offerings that are quickly and easily implemented in any customers environment. Some of the currently popular offerings that we have available are listed below. If you find something that you are interested in learning more about, please contact us for more specific information.

Accounts Payable Workflow Processing

Our Accounts Payable Workflow Processing solution provides our clients with an integrated scanning and workflow approval process that is tightly integrated a document management system and any existing back-end financial system. As invoices come in, they are scanned into the system using Kofax Capture for scanning. These invoices are then imported into a Lotus Notes based workflow application for processing and approval. Once the invoices are approved for payment, the images and index information are archived into a document management system and the payment information is sent to the back-end financial system for processing.

Enterprise Instant Messaging and Meeting Services

Our Enterprise Instant Messagine and Meeting Services solution is built upon IBM's world-class Lotus Sametime product set. This solution offering provides installation, integration and training on how to leverage the dynamic communication provided by instant messaging and online meeting services so that your organization can become more productive and more responsive to client requests.

Call Tracking System for Law Firms

Our Call Tracking System for Law Firms is built upon IBM's xWork Server. This solution for personal injury and criminal defense law firms provides a mobile enabled call tracking and case information system that allows you to access all of the documents and associated client information for any case your firm is working on. The system allows you to manage the case/court calendar, view related client files (motions, policy reports, audio, video, etc), connect to research sites, track client payment information and setup custom alerts. All of this can be done from either your desktop PC or any mobile device (iPad or Android based phone or tablet).

Sendero Performance Planning System

Our Sendero Performance Planning System is built upon IBM's Lotus Notes and Domino technology and provides a customized performance planning environment that is targeted towards governmental agencies that fall under the civil service system within the State of Louisiana. Leveraging the workflow capabilities of Lotus Notes, this system provides end-to-end management of the performance planning process between an employee and their supervisor.

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