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In today's business environment, a company's website frequently provides prospective customer's their first impression of a company. Having a web presence is no longer optional - customers expect it. The Sententia Group offers professional web design and hosting options to fit any budget, from a basic informational website to a fully interactive customer portal with real-time data connections to your backend systems. We specialize in developing websites that provide real-time interaction with your customers and their data, and have a team that focuses on developing company intranets that interact seamlessly with your customers and their data.

Whether a company is using the web to simply advertise the business, to sell products, collect customer demographics or provide real-time access to their backend information systems, a website is a necessity in today's business environment. Using our design expertise and technical knowledge, the design team at The Sententia Group can help design a website that builds a company's brand as well as its business.

Our web application development team has technical skills in most of the latest technologies, including Java, .NET and AJAX development. Members of our development team have done work for Siemens Medical in Germany, the New York Stock Exchange in New York and Univision. Our development team can help you architect your applications for ease of maintenance and usability, as well as providing you with the development staff to get your projects completed in an efficient manner.


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